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  • Greek Restaurants Langley
    Greek Restaurants Langley - Greek cuisine is a Mediterranean style of cookery that uses loads of spices or herbs, olive oil, cereals, ... More
  • Dim Sum Langley
    Dim Sum Langley - Appetizers are finger foods that are typically served prior to a main course or perhaps in between mealtimes. They are ... More
  • Mexican Restaurants Langley
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  • French Restaurants Langley
    French Restaurants Langley - Smoking foods nowadays originally began from the preservation methods developed a very long time ago. Due ... More
  • Breakfast Langley
    Breakfast Langley - Breakfast is the very first meal to be eaten after an individual wakes up from a night's sleep. The term breakfast ... More
  • Sushi Langley
    Sushi Langley - A meat chart provides info on various kinds of meat cuts in a diagram format. It is common for many charts to have ... More
  • Thai Restaurants Langley
    Thai Restaurants Langley - Anybody with a large skillet and spatula can simply master the stir fry technique of cooking food. It is a ... More
  • Best Brunch Langley
    Best Brunch Langley - Sandwiches in today's culture have gained a lot of popularity as a simple to make light dinner and lunch food. ... More
  • Italian Restaurants Langley
    Italian Restaurants Langley - The roots of Italian cuisine could be traced back to the 4th century BC and it has a number of methods ... More
  • Japanese Restaurant Langley
    Japanese Restaurant Langley - Japanese dishes has progressed over the centuries as a result of many political and social improvements. ... More
  • Indian Restaurants Langley
    Indian Restaurants Langley - Indian cuisine proceeds to develop in recognition all over the world. Regardless of the worries of not ... More
  • Vegetarian Restaurants Langley
    Vegetarian Restaurants Langley - Soups are mixtures of vegetables, grains and poultry, meat or seafood or whichever combination of these ... More
  • Langley Seafood Restaurants
    Langley Seafood Restaurants - Seafood meals comprise numerous types of seafood as this diverse category of food includes whatever meal ... More
  • Pizza Langley
    Pizza Langley - Game meat could be any meat which has not been raised on the farm. Typically any animal that has been hunted in the ... More
  • Brunch Langley
    Brunch Langley - Brunch is a meal that combines lunch and breakfast and is normally consumed early afternoon or late morning. Most ... More
  • Buffet In Langley
    Buffet In Langley - Restaurant services originally began with the listing of a menu which the customer could order from, enabling the ... More
  • Brazilian Steakhouse Langley
    Brazilian Steakhouse Langley - Steakhouses offer excellent selections of prime beef that are prepared to perfection by a steak chef. ... More
  • Langley Brunch
    Langley Brunch - Sandwich wraps are the same as burritos but they are typically made with flatbread instead and stuffed with meats and ... More
  • Langley Indian Restaurants
    Langley Indian Restaurants - The word supper, designates a meal that occurs in early evening or late afternoon. There is no uniform use ... More
  • Chinese Restaurant Langley
    Chinese Restaurant Langley - Chinese cooking encompasses quite a few styles originating from within the republic of China. From North ... More
  • Best Restaurants in Langley
    Best Restaurants in Langley - Within Western culture, dessert is a course which typically is enjoyed at the end of a meal, usually ... More
  • Steakhouse Langley
    Steakhouse Langley - There are numerous various cuts of steak that can be purchased inside a grocery store or even in a restaurant. Even ... More
  • Lebanese Restaurants Langley
    Lebanese Restaurants Langley - A diverse cultural past has really helped make Lebanese food extremely popular among the Middle Eastern ... More
  • Bistro Langley
    Bistro Langley - The word "bistro" means "fast" in Russian. The term is widely understood to date far back to when Russian soldiers ... More
  • Coffee Shops Langley
    Coffee Shops Langley - A cozy and relaxing place with awesome ambiance where you could surf the web with your laptop computer, have ... More
  • Langley Italian Restaurants
    Langley Italian Restaurants - The Italians refer to meals that are fully cooked but not delicate and overdone as "Al dente". The English ... More
  • Spanish Restaurants Langley
    Spanish Restaurants Langley - Spanish cuisine varies from the diversities in traditions, climate and geography. The standard cuisine ... More
  • Seafood Restaurants Langley
    Seafood Restaurants Langley - Sustainable seafood is the term utilized so as to describe a fish or different seafood that is harvested ... More

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Found within Metro Vancouver, Langley City originally started as a small settlement for early settlers from Europe. It was first called the "Innes Corner," that was the name of one of its homesteaders Adam Innes. The place became known as "Langley Prairie" in the year 1911, and many small communities formed and became the "Langley Township." Nevertheless, the City of Langley decided to separate from this so as to follow its urban expansion It became a metropolis in 1955.

Within the city, there are numerous art galleries including the BC Gallery, which was born here. The BC Gallery is devoted showing numerous fine works showing works of art by talented native artists. To be able to find various remarkable works by brilliant native artists who are developing and exploring their creativity in art, these could be found at the Fort Gallery...